The robot is an electro-mechanical device capable of performing autonomous or pre-programmed tasks.
What is autonomous and preprogrammed?
Some of the robots may interact with the environment. The robots which gather various environmental information through the sensors and move on after making meaning in the micro-controller are called "autonomous robots".
Autonomous robots are designed to respond to factors such as sound, light, image, temperature through the software on them.
So autonomous robots move in the opposite direction, whichever is appropriate, knowing that when something comes in, they turn right or left. We can summarize this way.
Pre-programmed robots are mechanical devices that work as previously described in their software, without the need to receive any signals surrounding them.
For the robots we know and do not know,
Are you really your robot printer or your kitchen robot? In order to call a machine robot, one of the most important conditions is perceived. Even if a robot is limited, it must make some perceptions from the outside world. These perceptions take place in a wide variety of environments, such as chemistry, location, color, light, shape. He must then interpret this data, which he has obtained, as autonomous, and decide how to react to the perception. Finally, he should be able to put this decision into practice.

How Robot Can Win The Autonomous Feature?
In order for a robot to become an autonomous robot, it has to do three basic functions.

* See:

It can detect objects in the human environment with the help of their eyes or other limbs and then generate ideas about these objects. For example, let's imagine a person walking in a crowd. He can detect the obstacles in front of him with the help of his eyes and can continue his journey without hitting other people. Robots detect objects around them with the help of sensors and decide what needs to be done to correct the information. It is impossible for a robot without sensors to move reasonably.

* Think:

Let's think that the robot is planning the road again. Assume that it detects that there is an obstacle in front of it by receiving data from the sensor. In this case, the robot has to think about what direction and how to move.

* To take action:

As the last stage, you should go into action after seeing the robot. Thanks to its wheels or integrated parts, the robot transforms the work it thinks into action.
Robotics in summary;
Generally speaking, there is no fully agreed-upon definition: programmable machines that can intelligently change the image or motion.
They are machines that automatically perform tasks such as man.



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