Everyone Hello I thought very much about what this first writing should be and yes I decided to make a classic start.
Informatics Informatics is a systematic process of information, especially automatic business with the help of electronic means. "Information" is generally used to describe the results of the combination of knowledge and math with Technology and Mathematics. In fact, we define it as the gateway to the New World.
Knowledge or Data is of vital importance in the world. Many situations such as hiding, processing, transferring, security have become important. At the same time, the information is inherited by future generations and mankind continues to improve itself. Today it is "Information" to define the virus of a disease or navigate the world without losing our way with navigation applications. Yes, with the processing of information, now that we have changed our point of view, our lives are all over our lives. Especially thanks to the internet network "Information" can be moved from one end of the world to another. On this account, human beings have experienced that life is facilitated in history.
"Computer", which is the most important piece of information, has entered into every field of our life. The age for computer use is no longer important. It is now indispensable to add Computer Programs with the computer.
Despite all these writings, there is still something that may upset me, who knows how to make you sad.

Herman Kahl's promise about information, computing, computer still holds true.
"The computer revolution is the loudest revolution in world history, we still can not underestimate its effects, which is funny."

Ufuk TAŞ



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